Student Recruitment and Admissions Policy


1.1    Overall aims of the policy

The aims of the Student Recruitment and Admissionss Policy are to ensure that:

  • Opportunities are developed to allow access and progress to higher levels of study
  • Selection is based on clearly specified criteria.
  • Not candidate is excluded from entry to a programme by reason of religious belief, political opinion, racial group, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or responsibility for dependants.

1.2 Admissions regulations

SCBS Student Recruitment and Admissionss Policy comply with all UKBA rules and legislation and takes account of national guidelines governing the recruitment and Admissions of students.

2. Principles of Selection

2.1 Aims of selection

  • To attract and retain International and Home students who have the potential to complete their programme of study successfully and benefit from the experience.
  • SCBS is committed to transparency in its Admissionss procedures. All applicable selection criteria are stated in this policy, prospectus and website.
  • Selection is based on academic criteria, experience and financial ability to pay for the course.

2.2 Selection Criteria

  • The Admissionss criteria will take into account SCBS policy, UKBA guidelines, and relevant legislation.
  • Selection criteria are considered carefully in order to ensure that the assessment of 
  • Applicants are fair and transparent.
  • Selection criteria are reviewed regularly in order to ensure their on-going relevance to developing curricula and teaching and learning practice, in the light of changes in the applicant pool and UKBA.
  • Evidence may be gathered through a variety of means including interview, tests, reference or the assessment of previous employment experience or academic work.

3. Entrance Requirements

3.1 Further Education Programmes

SCBS applies minimum entrance requirements for all its Further Education programmes. These take into account the recommendations of Awarding Organisations and represent the qualifications which applicants are normally expected to present for entry. However, all programmes will specify additional entrance requirements and these appear against individual programme entries in SCBS's printed prospectuses and on-line prospectuses at:

3.2 Non UK qualifications

SCBS accepts a broad range of non UK qualifications. This has to be verified with the issuing authority and can also be checked with UK NARIC for the equivalent.

3.3 Applicants who are International

SCBS follows UK Borders Agency guidelines for the selection of students for the various courses.

4. Disabled Applicants With Special Needs

4.1 Selection and entry criteria

SCBS will work with Awarding Organisations to ensure that applicants with special needs are not discriminated against.

4.2 Communication during the application process

All applicants are encouraged to inform SCBS about special needs or medical conditions at an early stage in order to discuss the support which may be required.
Applicants who disclose a special need are assured that the information provided will be treated sensitively.

4.3 Administration of the Admissionss Process

All SCBS staff involved in the Admissions process will be careful to note the potential need to make reasonable adjustments to procedures for disabled applicants.

5. Admission PROCEDURES

5.1 Further Education and part-time provision

Applications to further education or part-time programmes are made directly to SCBS. The procedures are published in the prospectus and on the website.

5.2 Acknowledgement of receipt of application

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of their application directly from SCBS on receipt of their application form.

5.3 Fraudulent statements/omissions

Admissions to SCBS is subject to applicants disclosing all facts and information relevant to their application. If, during the course of the consideration of an application, or subsequently an applicant is discovered to have omitted any information requested in the instructions or the application form, or has made any representation therein or given false information, SCBS reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place and/or dismiss their application.

5.4 Applicants seeking deferred entry

SCBS will consider requests from applicants for deferred entry for a maximum of one year.

5.5 Procedures for making offers

  • When making offers to full-time programmes which are conditional upon subsequent achievement in examination and meeting UKBA guidelines, SCBS cannot make an unconditional offer until the conditions are met.
  • All successful applicants must demonstrate that they have met SCBS's criteria to the required level. Offers may be conditional upon subsequent achievement in academic examination and UKBA rules are met. All applicants whose offer of a place is confirmed will receive details of fees, and the procedure for enrolment.

5.6 Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

SCBS will provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Feedback will only refer to the selection criteria employed.

5.7 Data Protection

SCBS's use, retention and storage of data fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

6. Student Finance

6.1 Tuition Fees

Students must pay at least 50% of their fees before a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is issued.

6.2 Further information

Further information about fees, and payment policy for all categories of programmes offered by SCBS may be obtained from the Admissions office.