Refund Policy

Conditions of Acceptance & Fees Refund Policy

1. All full-time students are required to attend classes for a minimum of 15 hours weekly during the period for which they have enrolled.

2. Students from overseas are required to comply with the United Kingdom Home Office Regulations.

3. Students wishing to cancel or withdraw from the course must inform the college six weeks before commencement of the course after which no refund will be entertained.

4. Administration cost must be deducted before refund (This is 12% of the school fees, the application fee is also non-refundable which is £250, and is not part of the fees), and all documents issued must be returned in their original form.

5. Timetables, fees and course commencement dates may be altered at the discretion of the school authorities.

6. The college reserves the right to merge certain classes of similar academic level. Courses will only be run if justified by demand.

7. A place will not granted for students who have not paid the appropriate fees by the date due.

8. The course or the years fees must be fully paid before commencing studies unless an instalment programme has been agreed.

9. Such instalments arrangement will in all cases carry the following additional charges: Administraton fee: £30, surcharge: 15% per month based on the outstanding balance.

10. Students who are late in coming to their course, or have been absent for a period of time, or have not been attending all subjects they have enrolled for will not be entitled to any refund or reduction of tution fees and we reserve the right to notify the Home Office accordingly.

11. The latest date a student can their course is 2weeks from the commence date.

12. No refund when visa has been extended.