Message From Principal

Notice Board

I would like to welcome all our new and prospective students to School of Computing and Business Studies. We believe your journey with us will be a rewarding and successful learning experience for you. 

We are delighted that you are interested in studying at SCBS where we know you will be able to increase your knowledge and develop your skills in many areas. We offer you programmes in Business & Management, Computing and Healthcare.

  1. All our courses lead to recognised academic or professional qualifications.
  2. Classes are quite small making teaching and learning more effective and interactive.
  3. Lecturers are well-qualified and adhere strictly to the high standards of their respective professions.

SCBS was founded in 1988 and has evolved over the years to its current status. During this period, a lot has been achieved and every effort is being made to uphold and improve upon this achievement. Students come to SCBS from all over the world. 

The college is housed in a three-floor building in London – a few steps away from Brixton Station. SCBS is open all year round and offers top quality tuition. 

The college offers assistance to students in the area of accommodation and other services where necessary. All courses are tailored to the individual needs of the students and expert advice is offered to prospective students in the choice of courses and career opportunities. 

Students' progress is monitored regularly and those found to be lagging behind are given extra help with their lessons. 

All SCBS programmes are designed with students and the changing needs of society in mind. As a result, programmes like health and social care have been introduced. Courses offered are all well-integrated into the UK educational system with each having its equivalence well defined. 

The college is committed to an Equal Opportunity Policy, and we are proud of the positive atmosphere our students enjoy regardless of their culture, race, gender, religion or age.