Admissions Process

If a student would like to enrol at School of Computing and Business Studies, he/she needs to provide the following documents:

  • A completed SCBS Application Form
  • Proof of Qualifications with transcripts and final certificates
  • A Valid Passport and Visa Copy
  • IELTS Test with required scores as outlined by the UKBA (if applicable).
  • Signed Terms and Conditions
  • Signed Price Plan (if not paid in full)
  • Progression and Attendance reports (if in the UK)


SCBS will expect students to supply financial documentation showing sufficient funds to support their studies and stay in the UK when applying for a CAS letter. More details about Maintenance can be found from the following link: UKBA Tier 4 Policy Guidance 

When SCBS receives the completed documents as outlined above, and the student qualifies for Admissions, the student will receive a Conditional/Unconditional offer letter within two working days. When the student pays his/her required fees, the student will receive a Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) letter within two working days. The College or agent (whichever is applicable) will notify the student when the CAS is ready for collection.